This guide has been created to make it easier for you to learn more about Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

<aside> ❓ To use Bitcoin, knowing the technical details isn't necessary.

In β€˜Why Bitcoin’ we look at some of the issues that Bitcoin can fix and review how the Bitcoin Network addresses those issues.


A Practical Understanding of Bitcoin.

<aside> πŸ“— If you want an introductory understanding of how Bitcoin works this guide goes over some basics.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, please start with looking at the page "Why Bitcoin?".


Buying Bitcoin

<aside> πŸ’‘ When you're ready to buy Bitcoin, you have plenty of options available.


Keeping your Bitcoin Safe

<aside> πŸ’‘ Some options for keeping your Bitcoin safe.


Accumulating Bitcoin

<aside> πŸ’‘ This section looks at a few creative ways you can accumulate Bitcoin.


Accepting Bitcoin

<aside> πŸ’‘ Run a store and want to accept Bitcoin as payment? This section has you covered.


Running a Bitcoin Node

<aside> πŸ’‘ Run a Bitcoin Node to be more independent and contribute to the network's security.


Mining Bitcoin

<aside> πŸ’‘ Mining is not an activity for everyone.


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